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HOW SR-Mandarin can solve

In order to allow Chinese learners to have a more convenient and professional Chinese reading platform, our team has created SmartReading-Mandarin. There are many e-books written by professional teaching teams in the reading platform. In addition to grading vocabulary marking, there are also audiobook functions available. Chinese learners improve their Chinese reading ability in a relaxed and interesting way.

WHAT SR-Mandarin features

WHAT SR-Mandarin features

Develope cross-disciplinary knowledge integration skills through SR-Mandarin platform in detecting appropriate reading levels accurately and effective learning.

Learn how we grade the difficulty of books

SR-Mandarin has leveled books with Simplified and Traditional versions.

Pre / Novice
A1 / Novice
B1 / Intermediate

We use AI reading grading technology to analyze a large number of books of different fields and different levels of difficulty, and established the SR score (the difficulty value of the text of the book). When the SR score of a book is larger, the difficulty of the book is higher, and the required reading ability is also higher. The SR score can also correspond to the Chinese proficiency level of the European Union CEFR and the American ACTFL. Users can refer to the description of each level to judge their reading ability and choose the books that suit them.

Assign to ACTFL Assessments: Novice Low ~ Novice Mid

You can read simple quantitative words, such as: time, price.
You can read vocabulary related to personal information, such as nationality, school, and family status.

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