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WHY you should use SWM

For learners, writing is the most difficult skill. Learners not only need to organize a paragraph by using the appropriate vocabulary and correct grammar, but also need to maintain coherence and unity in a paragraph or composition.

For teachers, they need spend more time correcting grammatical errors and vocabulary for learners. Because of this, figuring out how to improve students’ writing skills and teaching quality becomes a very important issue.

WHAT SmartWriting-Mandarin features

Automatically scoring

When learners finish their writing, they can get suggestions for amendments and obtain the overall writing score and scores of four aspects immediately.

Automatically scoring

Error correcting recommendations

SmartWriting-Mandarin also can detect errors in the essay and provide users with error correcting recommendations.

Error correcting recommendations

WHO should use SmartWriting-Mandarin

For learners

  • Using appropriate vocabulary and correct grammar
  • Collocation, maintain coherence
  • Paragraph and structure

For teachers

  • Correcting grammar and vocabulary errors
  • Adaptive teaching
  • Constructing learning portfolio
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